Suns, Stars, and Comets.......

Perhaps not the standard "activity" on your list of things to do when you are here, but did you know that the skies around Wester Ross are almost totally light pollution free?  If you are in the middle of Ullapool, that might not be the case obviously. Then there will be street lights, fishing boats, and (at the end of September) an entire music festival all competing for your attention!

This area has some of the longest days / shortest nights in Europe - these photographs below were taken on the SAME day!


           Gairloch Sunset at 2.26am.....................Torridon Sunrise at 3.35am!

 In most parts of  Wester Ross the clear and starry skies are a source of constant amazement to most visitors. Particularly if you look through binoculars, you will see thousands of stars above you - rather worryingly, all these stars have more stars behind them - which have more stars behind them - which have...yes...more stars behind them!

What else can you see? Here's some recent photos (Click on any of the three below to see the full - size version):


         (Ed Duncan)                       (Mark Applecton)                   (Paul Acarnley)



                                           Image from Mark Appleton

Not only are we able to see many more stars and planets compared to most other places, we regularly see amazing  displays of Aurora Borealis - the "Northern Lights". The logo below will tell you when these can be expected:

Look for Aurora in the North - North western skies - these often appear as shimmering columns of coloured light, while other times as ghostly sheets of light feeling their way across the sky. Here's a timelapse of the Aurora that was seen on February 23rd, 2014 - Unfortunately it was quite cloudy, so this is just a taster!






Photo from Ed Duncan , looking across the Minch from Gairloch


Posted on Friday, April 5th 2019

Lighting up Ullapool

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Posted on Friday, February 8th 2019

Gairloch Museum heads towards the finishing line.....

Visitors to Gairloch and Wester Ross in 2019 will be witness to the impressive new Gairloch Museum, scheduled to open in June. The Museum will be housed in a new location, based in one of Gairloch’s better kept Full Story...

A simply beautiful part of the world. I stayed near Gairloch with my family recently, and we'll certainly be back.
Jeff Gilberston, Florida

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